Just 9 Instances of People Doing Incredible Things While Pregnant

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It’s pretty incredible that human bodies have the ability to create new life – and it’s even more shocking that so many pregnant people continue to work and live while pregnant like it’s NBD. After all, a growing baby basically steals energy and nutrients from their parent, and it can come with some wild (and miserable) side effects.

That being said, every pregnant person – whether they’re able to continue working up until their due date or hunkered down resting – is worthy of immense praise and admiration. Growing another human being is just about as spectacular as it gets. But when someone goes ahead and does something incredible while pregnant, it’s hard not to regard it with awe.

Take, for example, Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII performance, in which she performed a nonstop mashup of her greatest hits while revealing to millions of people that she’s months pregnant with her second child (and less than a year after giving birth to her first). It’s the stuff of legends, and we can’t help but be obsessed.

And while “Mother” Rihanna is top of mind right now, she’s not the only one who’s wowed us with her ability to slay things while expecting. Read on for more inspiring moments from parents-to-be. While these are certainly not the norm or the expectation for pregnant parents, they deserve celebrating all the same.

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