Everything You Need to Know About Downtown Disney's Phased Reopening

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The Disneyland Resort has been closed since March due to the novel coronavirus, but there is good news coming out of the happiest place on earth. The Disneyland Resort will begin its phased reopening starting July 9 with the opening of the Downtown Disney District! There are some things you need to know before heading to the dining, shopping, and entertainment district, so we’ve rounded up everything we know about the reopening and how you can be sure to have a good time while still being safe.

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Will the Parks Reopen When the Downtown Disney District Reopens?

No, the Downtown Disney District is opening July 9, while both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure will be opening on July 17.

What New Safety Measures Are in Place For the Downtown Disney Reopening?

For everyone’s health and safety, both cast members and visitors to Downtown Disney will be required to wear a mask at all times, unless you are eating or drinking, and submit to a temperature check before entering the Downtown Disney District. There will be handwashing stations throughout the Downtown Disney District, and physical barriers might be present to be sure people are maintaining a good social distance. You might notice the physical barriers more at shops and quick-service restaurants where you go to pay vs. outside on the sidewalks.

Where Do I Park to Enter Downtown Disney?

All visitors who want to explore the Downtown Disney District need to self-park in the Simba Parking Lot, then make their way to the Downtown Disney District near the Disneyland Hotel. Rideshare pickups and drop-offs can be found on Harbor Boulevard or at the Downtown Disney District guide drop-top on Downtown Drive.

Will the Dining Experience at Downtown Disney Restaurants Be Different?

If you plan to have a meal or enjoy a drink at the Downtown Disney District, there are some changes you should be aware of. There will be an increase in outdoor seating at some locations. All restaurants will have tables situated at least six feet apart. Many restaurants will implement a digital or single-use menu as well.

How Can I Make a Dining Reservation When Downtown Disney Reopens?

You can make dining reservations for restaurants at the Downtown Disney District by booking online or through the Disneyland app. Some restaurants and dining locations might also use their own reservation system to secure a dining time. Before going to the Downtown Disney District, you should check with the location you want to dine at to confirm the reservation process.

Who Can Help Me With Questions While I’m at Downtown Disney?

Sometimes questions or issues arise and it’s easier to chat with someone face to face. If this happens to you while at the Downtown Disney District, look for cast members from Disneyland’s Guest Experience Team. They will be able to help you with just about anything.

Should I Go to Downtown Disney District When It Reopens?

This is solely up to you and your family. You have to consider if the enjoyment of your time at the Downtown Disney District will be lowered because of having to wear a mask, possible large crowds, and your own level of comfort being in public right now. Know that it’s OK if you choose to be one of the first people at the Downtown Disney District when it opens, and it’s OK if you want to wait a while longer to get out in public gathering spaces again.

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