I Feel So Lucky to Raise an Aquarius Toddler

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My youngest son, Liam, turns 2 this February, and his Aquarius traits are already shining through. His adorable little personality reflects his water sign perfectly: independent, creative, and, yes, hot-tempered at times. I love watching him grow and explore, and so far, raising this Aquarius toddler is so much fun!

As a quick refresher, an Aquarius is anyone born between January 20 and February 18. An Aquarius (“water bearer” in Latin) is someone who is as unique and ever-changing as water. This makes it both wonderful and confusing when you can only understand about half of what the person in question is trying to say. Hey, I never said 2-year-old Aquarians were perfect, I said they were fun!

Unlike his Leo brother, Aquarius toddlers are typically easy-going. I first noticed this when Liam was in utero, and my pregnancy was more comfortable, had less uncomfortable symptoms, and labor was much shorter. (Coincidence? Definitely not.) When he was born, I was amazed at how little he cried. Seriously, I kept waiting for this blissful newborn period to end, as it was so unlike my firstborn who would scream hysterically in the car seat, when nursing, and pretty much any other time just for fun. This baby actually *gasp* was quiet in the car, took to breastfeeding like it was no big deal, handled tummy time like a pro, and fell asleep anywhere – car, playmat, a relative’s arms – just because he was tired.

As Liam grew up, his easy-going personality has stayed with him. He’s quick to laugh, laidback when it comes to trying new things, and is a pretty good eater. He’s also just as happy going to the playground as he is watching a movie (especially if said movie features Olaf or Buzz “High-yeah” in it). All of this is a welcome change for me as a parent.

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One of the things that has been the most fun to see is his sense of creativity and uniqueness. He can spend hours building Lego towers or making action figures talk and move around a playhouse, whether or not anyone is playing with him. He also loves painting and has been known to carry around a Blues Clues & You! Handy Dandy Notebook and matching dry erase pen with him for an entire day. When inspiration strikes, he is ready! He also likes things a certain way and doesn’t want anyone to try to change his mind about it. Again, hard if I can’t figure out exactly what he wants – something all parents can relate to, I’m sure.

Like other Aquarians, Liam is also very empathic – especially when it comes to his older brother. He is the first to get his brother an extra cookie at snack time or share his toys, which makes me so proud as a mom. But when he gets mad (usually from his older brother taking toys or Mommy saying “No” about, well, anything), he lets you know it. Usually his whole face and head turns bright red, his fists clench at his side, and he lets out a glass-shattering scream that the whole neighborhood can hear. If he doesn’t get his way, he resorts to biting, scratching, or punching. You don’t want to cross him when he is in this kind of mood, trust me!

Another one of his stand-out traits as an Aquarius is his independence. This kid wants to pick out his own clothes, knows exactly what book he wants to read, and searches endlessly through a toy bin for a specific toy he wants. He loves cuddling until he abruptly decides he’s done and wants to explore the world again. He knows what he likes and nothing’s going to stop him! He also lets us know when he’s ready for bed – and started fully sleeping through the night at just 4 months old. This side of his personality can be challenging, like say, when he doesn’t want to be strapped into his car seat or take a nap. But I can tell, when he sets his mind on something, nothing will stop him (for better or for worse).

I love when Liam will come up to me to give me kisses or crawl into my lap to watch a movie, because it was completely his idea. He was a calm, laidback baby and a creative, independent toddler, who loves fiercely and knows what he wants out of life. Watching him grow up and figure out the world around him has been pretty cool. This little Aquarius is amazing, and, honestly, teaches me a lot about exploring my own creativity and not letting the little things stress me out. I am so lucky he’s in my life!

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