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Andrej Pejic's Topless Dosser Issue 7 Cover Censored Because Deemed Too Risque

Too Rude? Andrej Pejic's Dosssier Cover Gets Censored

Home grown boy Andrej Pejic continues to make waves in the fashion industry because of his beautifully feminine features. Starring on issue seven of Dossier magazine's cover, Andrej's open-shirted shot has been covered up before sale by some American news outlets, deeming the cover too risqué. According to, chain book stores Barnes & Noble and Borders were requiring the publication to put the edition in a black polybag before sale, even though they were aware that Andrej was a shirtless man, and not a woman. Andrej's androgynous beauty has gained him a lot of attention from the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, and locally Myer, but never for the wrong reasons. Do you think the cover is confusing enough to warrant covering it up? Or is it an overreaction to Andrej's gender-bending appeal?

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