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Ask Fab! This Week: Are Black Opaques Still The Leg Wear Du Jour? We Advise On The Hottest Hoisery Options

Ask Fab: Have Black Opaques Had Their Day?

We put the call out last week for any style conundrums that had you scratching your head, and were duly bombarded! Stay tuned for more Ask Fab features, and if you have any of your own fashion queries hit us up at

Dear Fab, Are opaques still the leg-wear du jour? I’ve been teaming them with everything from skirts to dresses to shorts for a few years now and the look is tiring me out, quite frankly! Are there any alternative hosiery options I should be exploring? — Melissa, Victoria.

Good question Melissa! Hate to break it to you, but a black opaque in a high denier (at least 100+) will always look good — as Kate Moss well knows. Not only does a solid black stocking slim those pins, but they are the easiest way to winterfy any ensemble. Our faves include Leona Edmiston Pins and Ambra's Totally Black tights. However, there are other options around. Grey, flecked charcoal or even navy opaques are good alternatives, or you could try a textured tight. Fine ribbed woollen tights are both warm to wear, and work a treat for casual ensembles. Check out
<product target="_blank" href="">Country Road</product>'s range. We'd advise against fishnets, crazy colours or all over patterns — as these will only end up detracting from your outfit and can sadly chunk-up legs. If you're desperado for other leg-wear ideas try wearing a solid (dark coloured) legging, and up the interest factor with a coordinating sock worn with ankle boots.

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