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Australia's Next Top Model Episode 5 - Who Has The Best Personal Style?

Australia's Next Top Model: Who Has The Best Personal Style?

The remaining girls had their personal style scrutinised in this week's episode when model agent Priscilla Leighton Clark and model mentor Josh Flinn asked them to dress for a casting. The girls had to "dress as models" in their own clothes and in true Australia's Next Top Model fashion, a major freak out ensued leaving some of the less fashion-forward contestants overwhelmed. Amanda, despite insisiting she has no personal style, was praised for her "perfect" look, while Sophie and Brittney were told their form-fitting outfits were "wrong" and a little "too nightclub." Joanna and Kelsey, who both display a huge love for designer fashion in each episode, almost nailed their looks aside from some teeny styling hiccups. 

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on which Australia's Next Top Model contestant you think has the best personal style? Me? I'm going with Joanna, hands down that girl has got it goin' on!

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