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Australia's Next Top Model Finale is on Tonight! Will Montana Cox, Simone, Liz Braithwaite or Simone Holtznagel be the Winner?

Who Do You Think Will Win Australia's Next Top Model?

We are gearing up for the big finale to season seven of Australia's Next Top Model — are you? Pizza's been ordered, gal pals are on their way over and we're warming the couch in time for the 7.30 kick off. Sounds like a group of boys watching sport! Except a whole lot more, well, expensive as Alex Perry would say. Guests are arriving at the Opera House (Pop's there and has already spotted Megan Gale!), and we're hoping — nay, praying — there isn't another bungle when Sarah announces the 2011 winner. This year however she'll be handed the winner's name in an envelope, which hopefully simplify things. We've already shown you Simone, Liz and Montana's ANTM portfolios, so now you've had time to think about it. So c'mon... spill! Who do you think will be crowned this year's Australia's Next Top Model?

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