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Australia's Next Top Model Live Finale Video

Australia's Next Top Model: Live Finale Gone Wrong

Well, the Australia's Next Top Model finale certainly went off with a bang, but was it for all the wrong reasons? Fab fave Amanda Ware took home the title, but only moments after Kelsey Martinovich was wrongly announced as the winner by host Sarah Murdoch. The live coverage clearly didn't allow for any error, with Sarah being fed the incorrect winner's name through her ear piece, only to be corrected halfway through Kelsey's congratulatory speech. Watch the clip below to relive the awkward moment (apologies for the low-quality, we'll update it with a better version as soon as we can!).


Sarah was cleary distraught over the mistake and didn't hide her frustration by apologising profusely. Kelsey took the incident in her stride, while Amanda seemed shocked but relieved with the altered news. Foxtel is said to be compensating runner-up Kelsey by awarding her $25,000 and a trip to New York to make up for the error. Do you think the show handled the mishap well?

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