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Australia's Next Top Model Makeover Episode: Were the Tears from Izzy, Annaliese and Maddy Warranted?

Australia's Next Top Model Makeover Episode: Please Discuss

The much anticipated transformation episode of Australia's Next Top Model had us glued to our screens Monday night. Who doesn't love to see a makeover? Bella was all over the before-and-after coverage, but we gotta ask — do you think the girls overacted to their tress-transformations? After all, the calling card of the industry's most successful models is their versatility. Kate Moss has worked short, long, blonde, brunette and even (albeit briefly) pink hair during her career, and Linda Evangelista became famous for her ever-changing 'do. True, some of the ANTM troupe took their transformations in their strides but the tears from Annaliese, Maddy and Izzy got us to thinking... were their reactions warranted? Or were the girls being a tad precious?

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