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Best Transitions Glasses Modelled By Influencers

Hands up if you've ever experienced that awkward inside-to-outside changeover from glasses to sunglasses. For many, it's a daily struggle. When it comes to eyewear, people want protection from harmful UV rays outside, and blue light inside. And a look which is also Instagram-worthy.

As part of the launch of the new Transitions® style colors collection, the brand partnered with influencer platform Vamp to source 13 micro-influencers based in Australia who each had their own unique style and personalities. From monochrome vibes, to fitness experts. The diverse range of male and female talent selected gave their personalised spin on the new Transitions® style colors collection.

We caught up with influencer @stevetillystyle, a dapper gent with a unique style, to find out how he makes protective eyewear look bold yet effortless. If you still haven't found the perfect pair of specs to make the right impression, this fashionable dude will help you do so.

Every influencer worth their salt knows that they've got to nail that strong personal brand. For a fashion enthusiast like @stevetillystyle who's been wearing glasses for 17 years, dressing to impress is about "never being the same as someone else". Being the fiercely authentic individual that he is, it's all about finding pieces which reflect his personal style. But this had always been something of a difficulty when it came to finding the right pair of glasses. "I like to look different from others and previously the market was pretty boring in both frames and lenses. This has changed for the better now with the Transitions® style colors collection. I've now got a variety of colours, frames and styles to suit any mood or style," said @stevetillystyle.

His favourite look? "I'm loving the sapphire Transitions lenses as the blue colour gives a cool look and feel, I have never had a blue lens before and it gives a relaxed feel. Secondly, the blue colour is very easy to pair with my outfits as they more often than not involve blue as well."

With the rise of the health and wellness industry, people are opting for products that protect their eyes. Cue photochromic lenses like the new Transitions® style colors collection. These lenses protect our eyes from harmful blue light which we get from being glued to computer and phone screens. Outside, the lenses darken to colours like amethyst, sapphire, amber and emerald, both making a bold fashion statement and providing UV and harmful blue light protectionthe sun being the largest source of both.

Juggling his full-time work as a town planner alongside his side-hustle on Instagram, @stevetillystyle needed eyewear that complemented his style and on-the-go lifestyle. Asked how Transitions® style colors were a good solution for him, @stevetillystyle said, "They are so good for a range of reasons. I only need one pair of glasses for working in front of a screen and being outside. The range of seven colours allows amazing versatility in terms of glasses as a fashion accessory working with an outfit. I personally have three pairs to work with; emerald, amber and sapphire."

A dedicated dress-to-impress style guru, @stevetillystyle shares his top tips on finding the right frame for different face shapes and matching it with the best lens colour. "When choosing a frame style go with one that suits your face shape, big glasses for wider faces and smaller for a narrow face," says @stevetillystyle. "In terms of colour it depends on the style statement you want to make. Big frames and a bold colour such as sapphire, amethyst or emerald green will stand out when compared to smaller frames and a brown, amber or grey lens. I went with a retro big frame with the sapphire for a bold look."

Keep reading to see the Transitions® style colors on Australian influencers Steve Tilly, Alex Wallis, and Luke McChesney.

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