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Beware of fake ugg boots

Fashion Lately: Step Away From Those (Fake) Uggs!

They may look warm and fuzzy, but those imitation "Ugg" boots which have kept your tootsies warm throughout Winter may be doing you more harm than good. Medical experts have warned that knock-off versions of the original Ugg Boots can cause a lifetime of foot deformities as well as backache and pain. Heck, there's even a phrase to describe the pigeon-toed way in which the cheaper versions can often make you walk; "the Ugg shuffle."

The Daily Mail reports that low-cost imitations often provide inadequate foot support and has caused a rise in the number of Women seeking treatment from podiatrists. There is also concern for children wearing the unsupported boots while their feet are still forming. And here you were thinking killer heels were giving your feet all the problems? For all you Ugg-fans looking to update this Winter, you can get the real deal here.*

*Disclaimer: Fashion experts claim that even if you do own the real version, wearing them on the street can cause all sorts of wardrobe complications such as Pamela Anderson-itis. You've been warned.

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