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Carrie Bradshaw's Best Outfits on Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw's Best Outfits, According to Her Costume Designer

Carrie Bradshaw's Best Outfits, According to Her Costume Designer

We are pretty sure you'll agree that Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe is one of the most iconic to ever grace our TV screens. Carrie's ever-evolving style was a representation of her character's stage in life. Remember casual Carrie with Aiden, or "together" Carrie with Petrovsky? And who can forget that tutu, perhaps the most famous piece of them all. Of all the episodes and all the outfits, it's almost impossible to narrow down our favourites, so we chatted to the woman behind the wardrobe, Sex and the City wardrobe-whiz and Emmy award winning costume designer Patricia Field. Patricia is bringing a collection of the most iconic Carrie outfits to Perth April 4 — May 1, so you can relive all the most stylish Sex and the City moments. 

POPSUGAR Australia: How did you decide on and source the exhibition outfits?

Patricia Field: For the exhibition I tried to choose the most iconic and loved outfits of the series and the movies, of course it's not all of them as some of them were no longer available but my basic idea was to present the ones that everyone remembers and loves.

PS: How would you describe Carrie's style?

PF: I would say that Carrie's style is original, eclectic, fashion conscious, and very attractive in an interesting and surprising way.

PS: Did Sarah-Jessica Parker have much input in what her character wore?

PF: Sarah Jessica had a major input, which was welcome by me as she's a true fashionista. She loves fashion, loves to wear it, loves to model it and she does it well, so working with her was like working with another professional, it just comes out with greatest results.

PS: Carrie's outfits always changed throughout the seasons, especially as she entered and left relationships. Do you have a favourite "Carrie style era" and why?

PF: My favourite era of Carrie's style was the beginning because I believe that's what left the stamp in people's minds. Of course it evolved as the years went by but that wonderful surprise element has always remained. 

PS: What outfits still stand out as a favourite for you?

PF: I have many favourite outfits and I have brought several of them to Perth. Of course I couldn't bring them all as they are not all available. The ones that are missing include the J'Adore Dior T shirt with the long skirt she wore in Abu Dhabi and I also loved her fur coat that she wore in the beginning of the first series. I always brought it out throughout the series and the Dior newspaper dress which was also not available to my great disappointment. I used that twice, in the series and in the movie. . . The rest of favourites, many of them are here.

PS: Did Sarah Jessica Parker ever get to keep the clothes after shooting?

PF: SJP is a very smart business woman, very organized and she made sure that in her original contract that she had first choice to all of the costumes that were bought and owned by HBO. I believe she will probably create an archive museum in the future

PS: What is your own personal style like?

PF: Of course describing ones own style is difficult as it is very personal but I would say I veer towards the casual, towards the rock and roll but most importantly the narrative. I feel how you present yourself is a communicative art and it communicates to others much about yourself and what you want to tell them.

PS: If Carrie Bradshaw was still on TV today, what would her wardrobe look like and what pieces would you find in there?

PF: If Carrie was still on TV today I believe that her wardrobe would be much more represented in up-market fashion as she loves fashion and has a wonderful relationship with many of the great designers of the world. I believe as she matures she would grow into that vibe but still keeping her original quality.

Source: HBO

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