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Christmas Present Ideas For Best Friend

The festive season calls for a celebration of brilliance! A gift from Swarovski is just one way to share a moment of brilliance with the special people in your life and spread the love this Christmas.

What a year it has been. From Trump's inauguration and the Twitter circus that has ensued, to the powerful Women's March, the New York Times' Harvey Weinstein expose and Australia's overwhelming #YES to marriage equality — and that's just some of the news headlines. And then there's our actual lives. New jobs or big promotions, break ups, set ups, set backs and that ever-present family drama. . . it's these moments we share with our bestie, and often no one else but the two of you know how deep it really goes. If your number one has had a big year, she may be in need of some sparkle this Christmas. A gift that brings a smile to her face, and is a gentle nod from you, to her, that says "you made it." On top of that, we bet she doesn't treat herself to the finer things enough, so we hope this edit of gifts shine as bright as you know she will in 2018. Let's go shopping!

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