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Dana Davis Comfortable Heels

Global Watch: Comfy AND Stylish Heels Do Exist!

Hands up who's suffered from back pain and feet problem due to wearing the wrong type of shoes? Go on folks, there's no judgement here. I'm the first to admit I've risked my health for fashion on numerous occasions. In fact I have one pair of Miu Miu wedges which could see me headed for casualty everytime I put them on. But does that stop me? No siree! I've even been prescribed orthotics by a podiatrist after complaining of lower back pain, but they rarely get put to good use. How on earth do you mix an ugly innersole with open-toed heels? Exactly, you don't!

Enter, Dana Davis. As a Beverly HIlls based footwear designer Davis has gained a cult following thanks to her chic shoe styles built with invisible comfort technology. Did you just hear that folks? I said chic shoes built with invisible comfort technology. Salivating much? Davis has teamed up with podiatrists and foot and ankle surgeons to help engineer the perfect all day and night shoes. As she told the LA Times recently "You can wear them to an event and still walk home." The heels feature built-in orthotics and distribute the weight of your foot evenly, meaning these heels are actually good for you. Celebs have even caught on to the comfy-chic trend with Anne Hathaway and Penelope Cruz already fans. Curious for more? You can check out the full range here and buy online from Nordstrom.

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