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Date Night Outfit Advice Sabo Skirt Interview

Expert Advice on How to Choose the Perfect Valentine's Day Outfit

Planning the perfect date night outfit can be tricky business — even for the most seasoned fashion girls. There's often an unknown element to what your SO has planned, and you really want to look amazing but still feel like you. And with Valentine's Day today, we imagine we're not the only ones experiencing this all too familiar conundrum right now.

Enter, Yiota and Thessy Kouzoukas, founders of Australian fashion label Sabo Skirt. If there's two women who can offer up expert outfit advice, it's these two. Their collection is full of cute, flirty pieces that make you feel confident and empowered (trust us!) and they both have an incredible sense of style.

Over email, we asked the sisters for their best advice for nailing date night style, their thoughts on wearing sneakers to dinner, what they'd wear on different types of dates and more. Read on to feel inspired.

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