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Diamond Carat Size Pictures

What Different Diamond Sizes Look Like on Real-Girl Hands

What Different Diamond Sizes Look Like on Real-Girl Hands

Full disclosure: we've dreamt about our engagement ring — and the guy who will give it to us — for as long as we can remember. We're fashion girls, after all. Sparkly diamonds, the excuse to buy the dress of our dreams, and all things wedding-related are pretty much our ultimate weakness. But when it comes to carat size and technical stuff, you might as well be speaking a foreign language. Because we know that the carat is the weight of the diamond and — sigh — the higher the weight, the higher the price, but what does that even mean? What does it actually look like? On real-people fingers?

Luckily, we've got a few friends in high places, and Ritani, a diamond company with a factory in NYC, offered to shed some light on our rock-size dilemma. So without further ado, here's what real diamonds look like on real-girl hands. Now your only issue is discretely sending this to your S.O.

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