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Exclusive Interview with Australia's Next Top Model Judge Charlotte Dawson

Australia's Next Top Model: 5 Minutes with Charlotte Dawson!

Umm, how juicy was this week's episode of Australia's Next Top Model? The girls were faced with their very first swimwear shoot; scored a lesson from Mambo model Cheyenne Tozzi; and saw exotic beauty Chantal get the boot. There was also a healthy dose of Kimberly's tantrums and Sophie's hair drama thrown in for good measure. Scandalicious! We caught up with ANTM judge Charlotte Dawson to see how she rates the comp so far.

Do you think any of the remaining contestants are worthy runway models?
Absolutely! I think we have a great bunch of apsiring models in this season and there are some stand outs on the runway. Just keep watching, it will become evident!

How does this year's batch of girls compare to previous seasons?
Each year we have young girls, they are teenagers and part of the show's appeal is watching them interact and learn as teenagers. They are all essentially wonderful girls but this season it seems that they are the nicest bunch — not too bitchy compared to previous years.

You and the other judges don't seem too fond of Kimberly's lack of professionalism. Do you think someone with her attitude could end up a top model?
I think Kimberly has a few demons that she's facing, but that is completely normal for a young women and also a young woman exposed to this sort of environment. It's hard work surviving the hours of shooting a telly show let alone the challenges we put them through to teach them about the world of modelling. She's a good girl, she will be fine.

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What are your top tips for making it as a model?
Eat well, drink lots of water, take care of yourself and exercise. Be healthy, be patient and listen to the professionals. At the end of the day everyone wants a fabulous result — the agent, the photographer and the client. They are there to make the dream a reality.

So far eight girls have been eliminated, have you been surprised at who's made the cut after each week?
This series has been the most difficult as far as an elminitaion has been concerned as we all have such strong opinions and we all genuinely care about who is a contender and who is not. It's a strong line up and sometimes we do reflect and say "Oh what if we had kept such and such." We eliminate at our peril. Having said that I'm really thrilled at the standard of this season and the girls that are left.

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