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Exclusive Interview with Australia's Next Top Model Mentor Josh Flinn

Australia's Next Top Model: 5 Minutes with Model Mentor Josh!

Who better than to spill the beans on this season's Australia's Next Top Model contestants other than model mentor and fashion insider, Josh Flinn?

You come from a fashion background, how does this help your role as mentor on ANTM?
I have done many and varied positions in the industry — I've worked in PR for a number of emerging labels, styling, fashion brand management as well as model booking.

I already have my favourite contestants — did any girls stand out for you as potential winners from the very start?
Yes! There are five girls who I really took a shine to, and they are actually the top five (so unfortunately I cant reveal their names!). I think I may be a little bit psychic...

Can we expect any drama in the upcoming episodes, or is this year a lot more tame than previous seasons?
There is drama — I think anywhere there are 16 young girls in the same place it's bound to happen! But the drama stems more from their personal growth, not from them being bitchy and catty.

What are the top 3 traits the girls should be possessing in order to win the competition?
Confidence is key — you really have to believe you deserve to be Australia's Next Top Model! Maturity is also really important, as professionals won't put up with silly behaviour onset. Lastly, the girls need to know how to take constructive criticism, and not take it personally — it can be rough to hear, but you'll never grow if you dont take advice.

This year’s selection of girls seems to be the best batch yet how far do you think their careers can go as a result of being on the show?
They are! This is a great platform for all of the girls, and the successful ones will use this opportunity to their best advantage.

Catch Australia's Next Top Model next Tuesday night, 7:30pm on FOX8!

Image supplied by Jez Smith.

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