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Exclusive Interview With Rachel Roy at San Francisco Macy's Event 2009-10-02 07:50:22

Fab Exclusive! Rachel Roy Talks Fashion Week, Skulls, and Spring Collection For Macy's

Even though she was still recuperating from showing her namesake collection at New York Fashion Week a week prior, Rachel Roy continued to make us swoon with her beautiful brown eyes and fashion talk at the Macy's event. Now that you got the lowdown on Rachel's current collection for Macy's, let's talk about her upcoming Spring collection. We found out tie-dye, florescent colors, and fun prints will be present, along with an array of silky trench dresses. While speaking to her, we couldn't stop ogling the cute trench dress and snazzy, stacked skull bracelets she had on. Read on to hear all about it . . . I saw your show last week in NYC, it was beautiful. "Oh you were? Everything is such a blur. I was like whose show — did I have a show?" I know. Everyone's like "How's Fashion Week?" I'm like, "Uhhhh, still recovering." "I know, and I hate that because I love fashion and I want to appreciate every single second of it, but it becomes so emotionally draining." So are you able to actually go to anyone's shows? "No. I go to friends. Like Sophie Theallet is a dear, dear friend of mine and I love her. So, I went to hers and it was after mine. Also Ralph Rucci, I adore him. I think he just cuts and tailors like no other in America. His show was the day before mine, but I went because I adore him and I give him so much respect. But other than that, really good friends of mine. It can be a lot, so I just went to those two." So what can we expect for Spring? "That's a good question. So for Spring, it's just stuff I love. I love tie-dye." Oooh, California influences! "Yup, California! So I'm doing tie-dye jersey and tie-dye suede. I also have some florescent colors and prints. I'm a big print girl and I love mixing prints in an odd way." To read more about Rachel's Spring collection and her take on skulls, read more. Is the trench dress you have on from the collection? "Yes, this will be available in Spring and will come in black and in khaki." And I have to ask, who is this jewelry by with the little skulls? "This is all me. It's available in November. This [skull] was my muse for jewelry. So I put him on everything. And you know how people say the evil eye brings good luck? I wanted to kind of change the idea that skulls aren't bringing you bad luck. Here, they're giving you good luck." Yeah, like with the Day of the Dead. "I really like that. It's my way of bringing good energy, ancient spirits. I don't want to put too much heavy stuff on these kids, but it's my little way of bringing them what I can." Also, skulls are just cool. "They can take it that way — I'll just go levitate over there (laughs)."
Image Source: Drew Altizer
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