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Fab Exclusive! Fab Chats To Garance Doré about her heroes, shopping in Oz and her Xmas presents

Fab Exclusive: Getting To Know.....Garance Doré

Garance Doré does it all. Photographer, blogger, illustrator, as well as being incredibly chic AND nice to boot! We loved chatting to her back in April, so we were keen for more face time when we heard she'd be back on Oz to shoot Westfield's Winter 2011 campaign, due for release in February (which is the first time she's shot for an Australian brand!). I got five minutes of her time before she left the country, so read on and get to know Garance...

Hi Garance, thanks for taking the time for FabSugar Australia. Were big fans of the blog!
Thank you so much!!!

Welcome back to Australia! This isn’t your first visit. Any recurring styles you notice when you’re down under?
It's my third visit and I am still amazed by the taste level of the Australians. Girls are extra fashion savvy and have a great style.

Any Australian-specific trends you’ll be taking back to Paris with you?
A big pair of sunnies!

What were your favourite pieces from the Westfield shoot? Any you wanted to take home?
Oh I loved each one of them as I really worked each one of them! But the ones that I totally would wear are the cape that I shot on Melbourne girls, Penny (totally wanted to take it back to Paris) the little furry jacket on Ana. Love it.

You shot in Melbourne and Sydney for the story, do you have a favourite city?
Those two cities are so different that comparing them is irrelevant, it would be like comparing Paris and New York. Personally and because my first trip was in Sydney so I love to stay there.

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Talk us through how you picked your Westfield IT Girls. What qualities were you looking for?
I am so happy about the result of the casting. You never know what to expect with street casting but I by now trust my eye... Maybe because I have been doing it for a few years now! What I am looking for is personality. It can be a certain sweetness as found in Ana (from Melbourne), and wonderful confidence like Ali, or a super bubbly personality like Honey (both from Sydney). What is super amazing is to see how the girls revealed themselves. I feel we've found a few real stars!

Did you manage to do any shopping whilst here in Oz? Any favourite Australian labels?
Yes I did ! I bought a beautiful dress by Country Road, a jean jacket from Ksubi (loooooooooooove that brand) and sunnies from Ellery (I am sure you know which ones I am talking about...). Oh, and those super cute Sportsgirl duffle bags; the ones with the rainbow handles.<strong>

Do you have any heroes who inspired your work (apart from Scott obviously!)?
</strong>Aaaah yes, so many heroes, Peter Beard, Bruce Weber, Elaine Constantine... I am inspired, more and more and more, by life, imperfections, and ‘un-posed’ moments. That is why I love, really, to work with non-models. They have that natural look, that honesty in the eye and concentration that you find either in "real" people or in extra-super-talented models. Well if you get them to relax!<strong>

You’ve staring posting short films on the blog</strong>, did you film any video footage for this campaign?
Yes we filmed everything! And I am so proud to show the way we worked for the whole campaign. I am so lucky with this collaboration. Westfield really let me do my thing and trust me, it's a dream job, I am happy we have footage and we can show it.<strong>

What's on your Christmas wish list this year? What are you hoping to be under the tree this year?
</strong>Oh my god, yes. I dream of the mostest of the expensive-est of the bags — The Kelly. I have seen a very specific vintage one that I love. I told myself that if it's still in the vintage shop when I go back to Paris, then it's a sign. I'll be there very soon!<strong>

When it comes to street style, your blog is a fantastic inspiration. Whose street-style snapping inspires you most?
</strong>Ok, sorry, sorry, sorry. But really Scott is my biggest inspiration. Still today I look at his work and feel amazed by his eye. There is something about his work that is still totally mysterious, like I will never totally grasp it. That's where the magic is.<strong>

Merci beaucoup!
</strong>Merci vous!

We'll keep you posted on the campaign images, and the IT girls that Garance hand picked to star in the shoot. If it's anything like her usual work — we bet it's going to be one très chic campaign!

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