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Fab's Pre-Party Stress Less Plan: Make 2011 Your Party Perfect Year

Fab's Prep Plan: How To Side Step Pre-Party Stress

This week we're talking about STRESS, peeps. And how to overcome it to make sure that you're the belle of the ball. Yesterday we revealed the ultimate Pre-Wedding Stress-Less Plan, and today we're talking those other big events: birthdays, the first time you're going to see your ex, your school formal. Whatever it is, you need to look HAWT. And here's how you're going to do it . . .

  • Make sure you’ve got your outfit sorted well ahead of the night. Keep your eye on trends and styles you like, so when it’s time to hit the shops for the all-important frock you’ll know just what you’re looking for, which means less stress!
  • Take a small, lightweight cardigan or wrap that you can pop in your purse. Goose bumps are never a good plus one.
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  • Do a run through: try on your dress, shoes and jewellery before the night to make sure everything's perfect. You don't want any unexpected surprises on the night!
  • Carry an emergency kit, that way you’ll be covered for outfit mishaps. Always have double sided tape, two safety pins and some bobby pins in your handbag. You'll be covered if anything goes wrong, instead of having to slink away while everyone else is having a great time.
  • If you start to feel a tingle, apply Zovirax. Cold sores come hand-in-hand with stressful occasions. Like breakouts, they pop up when you least want them to. But with this trusty cream, you can say sayonara cold sores, hellooo cute guy at the bar.
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