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Five Fab Minutes With Australia's Next Top Model Mentor Josh Flinn

Five Fab Minutes with Australia's Next Top Model's Josh Flinn

What were you doing last night at 7.30? Hmm? Watching Australia's Next Top Model, we hope! Season seven premiered last night on Fox8, and mah-goodness — weren't we strapped to our seats? We'll give you a rundown of Episode One later, but for now we thought we'd share a very fun five minute chat we had with model mentor Josh Flinn.

How has season seven been different to previous seasons? This season is huge! My role is the same and although I don’t accompany the girls on every challenge, I am always behind the scenes to make sure my girls are doing their best!
Any favourites this year? Of course! But you know I’m not going to tell you — I want the viewers to really watch carefully this season because there are some girls who fly under the radar but really surprise us towards the end.
What piece of advice do you give every year to contestants? Don’t fall over!!! Oh, and if you don’t pay attention to this opportunity and the people who are here to help you, then you have wasted everyone’s time — including your own. For more from Josh read more
What traits are essential for success in the modelling industry? A thick skin (not literally of course — we don’t need any elephants applying) but the ability to handle criticism constructively is crucial if you’re to survive in this industry. A natural confidence is key and being able to be independent and organised is so important, there really isn’t anyone who will help you more than yourself.
Do you still see Kelsey, Amanda or any of the past contestants? I do actually, both Kelsey and Amanda are very good friends of mine and we had so much fun together on the show. I care so much about them and they are two of the funniest girls you will ever meet. They ask for my advice and I do with them too — it’s what mates do.
Any particularly hard-core challenges for the girls this year? OMG — you just wait to see what we have in store for these girls — haha!!! I wouldn’t even do half the stuff we put them through — there’s flying, trying and crying let me tell you!!!
Can you spill on any special guests? Well, we have a cast of thousands this year! So many talented photographers, stylists and a few celebs thrown in for good measure — wait and see. Having said that, there are a few models who will make you pee your pants — one girl in particular makes me laugh so much we could hardly get anything done! She needs her own show when this is over!!!

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