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Kate Moss says au revoir to Topshop, speaking about her last Topshop range in video interview.

Kate Moss Speaks! Au Revoir Topshop

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Notorious for being more of a 'seen and not heard' kinda model, we always get curious when we hear Kate Moss speak. The mega model's always had that South London accent going on, which I never expect to come out of those famous lips. Kinda like David Beckham, but less horrendous. ANYHOO. The point is that Topshop coaxed the supermodel to spill the beans on how she feels leaving her designing post at the UK fashion giant. Looks to us like Kate is quite genuinely going to miss her Topshop gig and even gives a shout out to (now ex) boss and friend, Sir Philip Green. We were talking up the last Kate Moss for Topshop range yesterday, and as expected it's full of Mossy's style signatures. So good, we may have gone and bought up already. Ooops! Click through and see our Fab stash.

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