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Kim Kardashian As Cleopatra On Harper's Bazaar March 2011 Cover By Terry Richardson

Cleopatra With A K: Kim and Terry Team Up For Harper's US

All hail Queen Kim! Terry Richardson has teamed up for another cover with US glossy Harper's Bazaar ('member that CUTE Lily Donaldson/snow leopard cub cover?), this time snapping reality show starlet Kim Kardashian — who he's also worked with before — for the March issue. The cover story (skip over to Pop to see) includes a Cleopatra themed shoot inside, which perfectly suits Kim's exotic brand of beauty. Bella's all over that like a hot rash, but what we're crushing on is the amazeballs gold accessories (can we borrow that gold head piece Kim?) and super vampy styling. Take a peek behind the scenes of this super-duper glam shoot, and hear Kim compare running the country to twittering (yes, really), on not being a diva, and possibly rocking a Cleopatra look on her next red carpet outing in the video below. Catch it all, after the jump.

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