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Kris Smith on Hugo Boss Suits, Leather Ties and Golfing Attire: Backstage at the Myer Spring Summer Fashion Show!

Our Fab Five Minutes with Kris Smith Backstage at Myer!

We caught up with Myer's charming ambassador Kris Smith last night ahead of the Spring/Summer 2011 show who shared his style insights with us in between ambassador duties. Here's what he had to say on the styles he'd like to steal from the show, golf course-appropriate pants and kinky accessories...

Let's talk clothes. Are there any looks you'll be stealing from tonight's show? I'm trying! Hugo Boss have got a white light linen pant but they're a bit firmer than linen, they don't hang loose so they're a lovely fit and they're going to be absolutely perfect for the golf course. They've got a great double-breasted suit also which I would love to acquire. Or loan for the duration of my life.

What about Aussie labels. Who do you like? Arthur Galan. I love Arthur Galan. I love what he does. He's given me a leather studded tie for tonight — very kinky; I don't know what he was thinking when he designed that! Also Dom Bagnato. Another great suit maker. I love him, he's such a genuine bloke. And both designers are so very similar that their wives have a massive input in their designs and I think that it's so good that they can keep producing such high quality stuff while working with the wife and still be married!

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What's your daily grooming routine like? I'm actually kind of lax — I wish I wasn't. I try and moisturise my face at least every morning but it's just such a pain in the backside. [When we pointed out that we apply serum, eye gels, creams and so much more, Kris told us: "I consider myself very lucky that I escape a lot of things that women have to contend with!"] And then I try and put a night moisturiser on but I'm quite prone to forgetting. I need to buck my ideas up.

So when you do remember to use it, what's your favourite product? I've got a Prevage Night Cream and when I do remember to use it, it smells lovely and feels great and I wake up feeling fresh. If only I had the memory of a whale and not a goldfish I would do it every evening without fail.

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