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Levi's Introduces the Most Flattering Pair of Jeans

Levi's Revel

Finding your perfect pair of jeans can be a never-ending pursuit — but once you find them, you know you're going to be together for life. So when Levi's® announced the launch of Levi’s® Revel jeans, a line delivering the most flattering fit yet — no lunges required — and end our search for 'the perfect pair', we were pretty damn excited.

Their secret lies in patent-pending shaping technology, combined with wear-forever quality fabric, strategic pocket placements (clever!), elongated seaming and contour finishes. Jill Guenza, Levi’s® Vice President of Women’s Design said “Levi’s® Revel takes that curve innovation one step further by actively shaping a woman’s body, giving her the legs and butt she always wanted." Cue: audible cheers from women worldwide, because what's not to love about jeans that do all the hard work for you?

And you know those pesky pairs that stretch out of shape after a couple of washes? Don't sweat it, these clever little numbers have a superior memory retention to make sure they keep their shape (and yours).

Sound too good to be true? Heard it all before? That's what we thought. But one look at this clip of women slipping into a pair of Levi's® Revel jeans and we were sold. Think you'll find a better pair of jeans than this? Forget it, we've tried. Take a look:

Image and video courtesy of Levi's®.

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