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Miranda Kerr Talks Living a Organic Clothng, Organic Skincare, Flynn Bloom and KORA Organics

5 Minutes With Miranda Kerr on Green Living and Baby Flynn!

Miranda Kerr helps puts the chic into eco-chic, showing others that you don't have to lack glamour to live a greener lifestyle. Here, the model mum tells us about her skincare brand KORA Organics, shares some tips for going green at home and reveals the organic baby brands that Flynn just can't get enough of.

In terms of eco-minded fashion, what labels do you wear/try to support? I love vintage shopping, there's nothing better than finding a one-off vintage piece. I also really love Edun Live and Stella McCartney's eco-friendly line.

Do you have any green-minded modeling mates?It’s difficult to name one but it is amazing how more and more people are becoming eco-friendly and green focused.

There are lots of fab environmentally friendly baby labels around — do you have any favourites for Flynn?It’s wonderful to see that organic baby clothes are more accessible now. A few of my favourites are Purebaby — beautiful organic baby clothes, Natures Child have soft organic bath towels, Cotton Doll, Organic babe and Kids wear and Naturebub.

What made you want to start KORA Organics? I created KORA Organics because I was unable to find a skincare range that was organic and contained the ingredients that I personally was looking for in a skincare line. KORA Organics has given me a platform to share the benefits of living a healthy and organic lifestyle with others. KORA Organics skincare products are "food for the skin" — they nourish, nurture and protect the skin. All KORA Organics products contain noni — my all time beauty secret!

More from Miranda . . .Aside from featuring naturally-sourced ingredients, is there anything else KORA Organics does to “be green”? KORA Organics products do not contain sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, T.E.A., D.E.A., glycols, silicones, PEGS, ethoxylate or formaldehyde commonly found in non-organic skincare. KORA Organics products have been formulated in accordance with the strict guidelines of organic certification. In relation to the recyclables of packaging the strict Ecocert guidelines of recyclables also apply.

What top tips do you have for those wanting to live a greener life on the go? A few basic steps you could take include:

- Walk or ride your bike when you can, rather than driving
- Use eco-friendly light bulbs
- Recycle waste
- Use organic products around the house
- Avoid using plastic bags
- If you have the space nothing is better than growing your own vegetables. I have a garden that I am very proud of where I grow green leafy salad vegetables, herbs and other vegetables.

Will you only use organic and environmentally friendly products? There are a lot of household and beauty products that contain chemicals. Food these days unless it’s organic more than likely contains pesticides, insecticides and/or hormones. Personally when I have the choice I choose to use products and eat food that is organic. If I'm travelling or working and don't have a choice then I go with the flow and eat/use whatever is available.

What baby products have you been using on Flynn? I have been using my KORA Organics products on Flynn — I honestly wouldn’t use anything else! I bath him in KORA Organics Body Wash and apply KORA Organics Body Lotion to his beautiful skin and he loves it. I also love using the KORA Organics Rosehip Oil on him and sometimes mix it with the body lotion and give him little massages.

Do you have plans to expand KORA Organics? KORA Organics is expanding and we will be releasing additional products in the very near future once the new packaging arrives which is very exciting. If we can create a haircare range that I am happy with we will go into that and that will be an exciting step. KORA Organics is becoming a lifestyle choice for people so who knows where we will end up!

How does your green way of life affect the choices you make with raising Flynn? Having personally experienced the benefits of living a healthy and organic lifestyle I want my son to experience this also and gain an understanding of the importance of good nutrition in his life. Ultimately I intend to raise Flynn the same way I was raised — living on healthy organic and fresh produce with minimal processed foods, loving nature and the environment.

Who are your own eco heroes? Rose Marie Swift. She created an original, pure, organic colour cosmetic line called RMS Beauty. Rose Marie is an outspoken advocate for protecting ourselves from toxic chemicals that are found in today’s beauty products. Not only is she educating through the beauty industry that she works in, but Rose Marie also created a website for everyone to access. I love and use all of Rose-Marie’s products as they are both healing and nourishing; they’re anti-ageing and feel amazing and light on the skin.

Do you wish the beauty industry would do more to help the environment? I think the industry is making small changes and I feel if we all start by making small changes we can affect the planet in a positive way.

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