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Pictures Inside Sydney's First Forever 21 Store

With a host of international chains opening in recent months, Forever 21's Macquarie Centre in North Ryde launch took things up a notch. The American label, known for its fast fashion at super low prices, has become a trend lover's first stop in Brisbane — not least of all because it refreshes stock every single day. The same can now be said for the Macquarie Centre store.

We were lucky enough to check it out before it opened, and we're set to do the same thing again next week at Pitt Street Mall! Located opposite Country Road, it's set to be one of the most exciting store openings of the season. 

In anticipation for the big reveal, relive the Macquarie Centre opening with us. Below you'll find the vital stats on the store, and the photos we took as we walked through for the first time in December. 

  • Sizing: Basics go from extra small through to extra large; trend-driven pieces range from small to large.
  • Stock: Once it goes, it's gone for good. If you see something you like, snap it up because there isn't any extra stock in the back room.
  • Basics: Singlets, leggings, body-con skirts, tees and more basic items will always be in stock in colours like white, grey and black (in all sizes). Trend-driven colours will come and go — if you love it, it fits you and the colour is unique, buy it!
  • Denim: Basic stretch denim jeans start at $12.95 (!) and the more on-trend styles in standard cotton start from $28.95.
  • Layout: The store is split into sections, some of them named. Shoes, accessories, basics and denim have their own signage and large designated sections. Clothing styles (roughly: preppy, boho, shorts, party, girlie, grungy) are dotted throughought and are clearly sectioned, so you can find your style and shop your heart out.
  • Check out: The line for the registers is surrounded by fashionable and very affordable knick-knacks, just like in Sephora. You can find goodies like hairbrushes, loofahs, stand-up mirrors, cosmetic bags, makeup brushes, beauty sponges, socks and more, mostly for under $10.
  • Availability: Forever 21 likes the idea of not all of us wearing the same thing — that's part of the ethos behind not replenishing fast-selling stock.
  • Fitting rooms: There are lots (at least 15), lit in a flattering, soft pink hue. We likey.
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