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Rachel Zoe Explains The Rachel Zoe Collection

We Knew This Was Coming . . . The Rachel Zoe Collection!

It should come as no surprise that Rachel Zoe has inked a deal to roll out her lifestyle brand, The Rachel Zoe Collection. Rachel will pump out contemporary accessories, shoes, and apparel for Fall 2011, with the possibility of homewares later on. Goods will be sold in selected OS department stores, specialty stores, and e-commerce. Zoe revealed, "Subconsciously or consciously, my whole final goal — I don't want to say final because that sounds very like it's the end — but I would say my ultimate dream scenario was to be on the design side."

Want more juicy details about The Rachel Zoe Collection and see a preview of The Rachel Zoe Project season three?

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Zoe is still hiring a design team and promises to model her stuff: "You will definitely see me in the clothes. Like, you will absolutely see my trademark pieces. I'll definitely do faux furs and incredible leather jackets and great trousers. But I'm catering to a broader audience."

Rachel's a hot topic — but don't call her a celebrity. "I would never consider myself a celebrity. Ever. Yes, I have a TV show and I realise that I am in the public eye because of that. Doing a TV show is a very instrumental part of my business and of building my brand. One hundred percent, and I recognise that part of it . . . But because I work with celebrities I'll never think of myself like that. Cameron Diaz is a celebrity, Kate Hudson is a celebrity, Demi Moore is a celebrity — you know what I'm saying? I go about my everyday life, working like everybody else does, but the things that get difficult is when I'm walking on the street or if I'm in a mall or, like, whatever, and people are, you know, if they come up screaming and taking a picture and shaking and all these things." Celebrity or not, Rachel's on a roll, and we're happy to be along for the ride.

The Rachel Zoe Project's third season will debut in the States on Aug. 3 and you can check our Rachel Zoe guest blogs to get your weekly fix on the stylist cum designer. And don't forget the always-fun Rachel Zoe Report and her QVC collection.

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