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Sarah Murdoch Explains Her Side Of The Australia's Next Top Model Stuff Up On A Current Affair

Sarah Murdoch Blames Finale Stuff Up on Technical Problem

The Australia's Next Top Model saga continues as Sarah Murdoch appeared on A Current Affair last night to explain her side of the story. The gist of the stuff up? The last piece of information Sarah was given was that Kelsey was in the lead ("Kelsey, one") and Amanda was behind ("Amanda, two"), moments before the winner's announcement was to be made. Relying solely on her ear piece, Sarah waited for the final confirmation to be fed through to her, only to be left hanging with silence. Instead of calling for technical help or waiting until the feed came through, Sarah assumed that Kelsey was still in the lead and announced her as the winner. This, it seems, is why the term "miscommunication" has been thrown around by Sarah and Foxtel to explain the mishap. As much as I'm on Team Sarah, I do question her instincts on this one. Announcing the winner is the sole reason for the live finale, so why did she leave it to chance to announce who she thought was the right girl? Wouldn't you double, even triple check (a la Gretel Killeen on Big Brother)? And if the ear piece did go blank at the crucial moment, shouldn't she have made the crew aware of the problem? I hate to say it, but it seems a little like a bad judgement call to me. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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