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See Alexa Chung's Shopping Style as She Thrift Stores It Up In Williamsburg, New York

Alexa Chung Gives Us A Guided Thrift Store Tour!

Take a tour with Alexa Chung in her favourite New York neighbourhood, Williamsburg, via this too cute video. The host of Thrift America shows off her natural talent for digging up amazing vintage pieces in her signature "geeky, tomboy style." Hitting up Bird and Armarcord in the hipster 'hood, Alexa hunts down sheepskin jackets and children's pea coats like a pro. Whilst fossicking, she talks us through how she became a "fashion rebel', why the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a fashion icon, and why she tries to emulate Keith Richards' rock 'n' roll style. With her down to earth nature and snappy street style — we've gotta say it — this clip makes us love Alexa even more. Take a look to see Miss Chung in her natural habitat.

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