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See Tyra Banks and Andre Leon Talley Talk Trench Coats For Type F

Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion! Tyra Banks and ALT Talk Trenches

Got a spare few minutes? Then check out this HILARIOUS clip of Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley talking trench coats. Doesn't sound too exciting does it? But when two of the most outspoken, crazy-funny people in fashion get together, you're guaranteed a good time. Sitting atop ALT's knee, Tyra dispenses tips on how to jhush up this wardrobe classic, but we have to admit it's not so much her fashion how-tos, but the RIDIC banter between the ANTM alumni that's the hook. It's comes courtesy of Tyra's just-launched website Type F, and if this is the tone of things to come — we're hooked! Press play and get schooled (the fun way).
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The Trenchcoat -- powered by TYPEF.COM
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