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See it first on Fab! Ruby Rose's Exclusive Milk and Honey AW 2011 Collection Launch

Fab Exclusive: Ruby Rose's Intimate Milk and Honey Launch

We got an exclusive inside peek at Ruby Rose's A/W collection launch for Milk and Honey. Not content to do her showing the traditional way by putting her designs on a rack, and letting the fashion peeps flick through — Ruby threw a bowling party complete with models walking down the alley. The line up is choc-full of Ms Rose's rock steady style, with studded-back denim jackets, plaid check shirts, body con dresses, and distressed denim adding some rock 'n' roll groupie style to the bowling theme. Want to get behind the scenes of this VIP event? Then take a look at our exclusive footage.

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Milk and Honey by Ruby Rose from Milk and Honey by Ruby Rose on Vimeo.

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