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Shopbop Buyers Justin Warner & Jenny Fuchs Talk Fashion Week

The Buyers' View: Shopbop's Jenny & Justin Talk Fashion Week

During the madness of fashion week we were lucky enough to sit down briefly with Shopbop's delightfully upbeat buyers Jenny Fuchs and Juster Warner. From the great heels-versus-flats debate, to MBFWA's new home, to their take on our local blogger pack, we had quite the chat. . .  

    • What shows have you seen, and liked, so far? Jenny: We’ve seen so many! I think they’ve all been really good and as the week goes on, one is just better than the last. I think the ones for me that have stood out have been the ones that have been a little more transitional. The ones that are too Spring/Summer-ish are harder for us to buy into, but the ones that have bridged the gap with layering pieces and jackets and some leathers  I think those would be the ones that we will probably go after.
    • Do you have any favourite designers from the week? Justin: I think that there was consistently strong showing across the board. From our designer boutique, I already do buy Ellery and Dion Lee and I was very happy with them. Jenny: They were awesome!
    • Any recurring trends that you’ve spotted on the runway? Jenny: There are a lot of digital and graphic prints

To read more from our chat with Jenny and Justin, just . . .

  • Do you think that’s still relevant, do you think people still want to wear that? Jenny: I think there is always room for prints. I think prints are really personal… I think it is good to have a wide offering and so you can pick and choose what works best for you. I think the Australian designers in general do a lot of prints, so I think it is interesting to see the wide range  like how Josh Goot does prints and how the different price points do prints, and how that shapes out.
  • Any other top-line trends that you think will translate well for the US market? Justin: I think it’s about really statement-making, amazing dresses and separates. I try to focus in on styles that will really pop online.
  • How about the local street style contingent here? Justin: It’s a very infectious environment to come to and to get inspired. Something that is so great about Sydney Fashion Week is that there is a fresh perspective on trends, and there is a very cool kind of aesthetic  which is very much like the Shopbop aesthetic. Jenny: Like last year when we came, we were introduced to all the bloggers and then over the year I have been following them… and then you see them in person and you’re like ‘Oh my God.’ They’re so nice, they’re so relatable.
  • Do you think they differ from the New York blogger pack in anyway? Justin: I think they all kind of have their own personality  some are super-girly and others mix and match designers. I think they all have such a cool aesthetic. It’s very different from what you see in New York  like in New York everyone looks like a ‘fashion girl’, but I think here you see more variety.
  • New York versus Sydney fashion weeks – how do they differ? Justin: It seems like in New York a lot of the showrooms are more centrally located, whereas here it’s much more spread out. I was hoping that the trade show would give us more, but there weren’t that many designers there. I would love to have, for market appointments for us, a centralised location where we could just be like ‘boom, boom, boom, boom.’ Because otherwise we’re running back and forth. But it’s good that all of the shows are basically here because that makes that part easier. It’s always a crazy week and by the end of it you’re like ‘Which way is up? What day time or season is it?’
  • How do you pack for a trip like this? Justin: I get the weather report, and then I try to lay out outfits. I try to have an idea of where I’m going and then figure out if I have black tie event, or if I’m going to be running around in the rain and will be needing layers… It’s about statement dressing and statement pieces that you can mix and match different ways.
  • And Jenny, for fashion week  are you a heels girl? Yes! Every morning I say to Justin ‘I can’t wear heels again.’ Then I’m like, ‘I have to wear heels!’
  • Justin, you’re lucky you don’t have to worry about that! Yeah, but heels would be more fun.
  • This is true… but you don’t have bunions (laughs) Justin: Well…. (laughs)
  • Do you get any time to do any shopping for yourselves? Justin: We do try to get out and check out the scene and see what’s new, and what everyone is wearing, but it’s hard because we’re in shows and we have lots of market appointments.
  • Have you been anywhere this trip? Jenny: We haven’t really been shopping, but we did go to the zoo! It’s like the most beautiful setting, even the elephants have a view!
  • So, fashion week at the overseas passenger terminal vs. Carriageworks: which do you prefer? Justin: I think the inside of this space is nicer, but last year we were like ‘We’re in Sydney, it’s so beautiful,’ and now we’re like ‘Where are we?’ It doesn’t feel as ‘Sydney.’
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