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Shopping in Singapore: Your Guide To China Town, Little India and Marina Bay Sands

Day Two Of Fab's Big Singaporean Shop-a-thon

Today is the second, and last (boo!) day of my Singaporean shopping adventure, and wowee — it's been a whirlwind! Want the shorthand version of what I got up to today? This morning it was all about seeing the cultural side of this shopping metropolis. First stop was Little India, where we visited local 'wet markets' selling exotic fruit, vege, all kinds of seafood and delicacies like black chicken (yes — it really is black!). Appetites whetted by the amazing sights and aromas, we opted for roti prata with curry on the run, washed down with local coffee (made super sweet with condensed milk) and fresh vegetable juices. Next stop was sprawling China Town, where we wandered the market stalls browsing cheongsams, racks swaying under the weight of jade beaded necklaces, and colourful chopsticks by the bucket load.

From street vendors and handicrafts, to high end designer labels and luxury shopping malls — we made the leap into the ultra chic world of Marina Bay Sands, the home base for big brands in Singapore. Leave the credit card at home if you have a problem with self control (I may be talkin' about myself there), coz Marina Bay Sands is dangerous — capital D. On my most lusted-after list? The Chanel frock Blake Lively wore so well, as well as an envelope clutch purse from YSL, and an orange strapped watch from Hermes. Total fantasy? Er, yes. But fabulously fun all the same. If you want to distract yourself from the retail temptation you could always take a gondola ride down the internal river, or go ice skating in the food court. This is the stuff of shopping dreams, and I was lucky enough to live it — if only for two days. Stay tuned to Fab for my in depth shopping reports on Singapore, but I think I can predict that Singapore is going to be a straight A student.


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