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Spring Updates for Under $1000

Our love for online shopping knows no bounds. So we've partnered with Australia Post — its new Shopping Hub makes it even easier to indulge the habit — to show you how to freshen up your life for Spring.

In our book, that optimistic sense of reinvention that Springs brings is just as powerful as Jan. 1. Think about it, this is the opportunity to reset and try to once again set positive habits without all the guilt of New Year's Resolutions. It's win-win. Those with more measured advice might suggest that you focus on one area that you most want to reignite for Spring: whether that's rejuvenating your style; taking another run at lapsed fitness goals; or giving your home the Spring clean it so thoroughly deserves. But if you're impatient (guilty) and want to refresh every aspect your life right now (even guiltier!), then let us be your guide.

We've broken life down into seven key categories that could do with a juicy Spring boost and picked out a hero purchase for each. The rules are simple:

  1. You must first clear something out of that category — whether physical items or the metaphorical ditching of bad habits — before you can add your new purchase to cart.
  2. In the interest of not blowing out your financial goals, the total Spring spend is capped at $1000. (Bonus points if you can support Australian small business with your dollars — the Shop Australian section of Australia Post's shopping hub is a great starting point.)

Keep reading to see what we'll be buying in our Spring update, and what will be cleared out to make room for the new deliveries

Food: Spice Quarter 6-month pre-paid subscription service, $119.95

The comfort eating of Winter has got to go. But our Spring diet overhaul isn't weight-loss focused — it's about using seasonal produce as much as possible in our weekly meal plans. Phase out Winter produce (goodbye, kale), and start introducing yummy Spring corn, strawberries and watercress to your grocery basket. To get into the swing of cooking for Spring, a Spice Quarter subscription will drop an assortment of exciting herbs and spices on your doorstep every month. It's a great way to start experimenting with flavours, taking you outside your food comfort zone.

Home: Cultiver Linen Duvet cover, $285

This is a great time of year to get rid of all the excess "stuff" in your house. Focus on the items that you either haven't used in the past 12 months, or have been so well-loved that they're looking ratty. The biggest culprit: bed linen. If the elastic of your fitted sheets has lost all stretch and your pillowcases are stained, rip them up into cleaning rags. Reward yourself with fresh, quality linen — there is no better feeling than brand new sheets on the bed. Cultiver is an Australian-born brand with the dreamiest colour selection.

Fashion: Paddo to Palmy Bastille Wrap Dress, $198

As for a key piece to add to your wardrobe? POPSUGAR Australia Fashion Editor Kate McGregor says that wrap dresses aren't going away any time soon. They're so chic and versatile that if you don't already have one, we suggest snapping up this one ASAP — especially since it's in the flattering and on-trend Gen Z yellow.

Health: Nike Lunarglide 9, $200 from The Iconic

The warmer weather will soon see gyms, fitness studios and running routes getting much busier. There is no shame in renewing fitness goals with the new season — the lazy sins of Winter are already forgotten! But do check your sneakers. If the tread is bare, your big toe has poked a hole through the mesh, or they're worn at the heel, it's time for an upgrade. It is so important that your gym shoes are adequately supporting your body as you move, and poor sneakers are a fast-track to injury. Add a new pair to cart, guilt-free.

Beauty: Nuxe Golden Oil, $32.95 from Adore Beauty

There are so many products that can be ditched in a beauty clear-out; do you know how long your cosmetics really last? Lipstick and lip liners should be binned every year (same for cream blush or highlighter formulas), and mascara every three months. After you've finished the cull, reward yourself with something to make your skin feel glowy, sun-kissed and fresh — this Nuxe Multipurpose Dry Golden Oil can be used almost everywhere.

Inspiration: Rachel Hollis "Male Gang-Gang Cockatoo" Fine Art Print, $45

Whether it's a whole room in your house, a little nook in your bedroom, or home office, having an inspiration zone is so important. And filling it with photos, soft furnishings, energising decor and art is half the fun. Carve out a place in your home that makes you feel your best — relaxed, happy and inspired — and then buy some fresh new art for the walls. We loved reading about the story behind Rachel Hollis' distinctly Australian works, and the cockatoo prints are a nice reminder of the beauty of the world outside.

Kids: Honey Club & Co Subscription, $34 per month

If you've got kids, chances are your house is also full of their things. Anything they have outgrown in terms of age guidelines or size can be donated to friends with younger children or a women's shelter. As for updating your little one's life, a Honey & Co Club subscription will get them excited to see the postie. These once-a-month deliveries are full of old-school fun and activities like wooden puzzles and sweet children's books. It's only fair they enjoy a Spring upgrade, too!

Image Source: Getty / Janifest
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