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Stylish Affordable Weekend Outfit Ideas

Not to brag, but we consider ourselves online shopping experts. Shopping the web well means knowing where to go for great quality at a brilliant price — you know, for those last minute outfit additions. So trust us when we say NEXT is bookmark worthy: The ultimate one-stop shop for on-trend fashion, accessories and homewares with fast delivery and super easy returns.

Is there anything better than a long, lazy lunch with the best women in your life? Whether with your best gal pals, sisters, work wives, or your mum, an afternoon in the company of your favourite women can be so restorative. If it's been a while, rally the troops and book in a ladies' lunch ASAP. Preferably somewhere with a great rosé list.

Once you've got a lunch date in the calendar, it's time to sort your outfit. You'd dress up for a special date with your significant other, right? Your best friends deserve the same treatment — not to mention they're likely to be more appreciative of the trends you've worked into your look. Hot tip: look for a budget-friendly way to trick up your outfit, as you'll want to save some cash for that long, decadent lunch (you deserve it). We like to hit NEXT as our one-stop shop for trend-based fashion at an unbelievably good price — in fact, you can shop each of the looks below direct from the site. Another key consideration is too avoid anything too restrictive or tight. Yes, corset belts are fierce but you'll regret the choice by the time dessert rolls around. . . trust us. The same goes for rigid denim jeans — choose a pair with more stretch instead.

Scroll for some super chic outfit ideas for your upcoming ladies lunch, and shop with just one click.

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