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Swimsuits for Large Breasts

We want all women to feel their very best in a bikini this summer, which is why we've partnered with Lilly & Lime swimwear, the perfect swimwear solution for girls with a D cup and up.

One of best things about living in Australia is the endless beach days, so having a swimsuit wardrobe is actually a real thing. But when you've been blessed with a chest, finding a cozzie that's suitable and sturdy is hard. Because no matter how tight you tie the straps on that wispy bikini top, it is never, ever, going to provide your D cup (and plus) with the support it needs.

So instead of another Summer forking out only to literally fall out, we've gone into solutions mode. And no, we're not suggesting you compromise on style, either.

Searching for supportive swimwear in a market full of itty, bitty, teeny, weeny bikinis isn't easy. There are seemingly infinite swimwear brands out there that appear to offer next to no coverage, let alone support. That is, except, Lilly & Lime. Its range is stylish, affordable, and right behind helping women with D cups and up find the perfect beach attire. No matter your size or shape, the brand was created to help you feel good about yourself the second your feet hit the sand. A pretty different reality for those of us who generally feel exposed and uncomfortable at the beach. Better still, Lilly & Lime offers every customer a free size check, free shipping and exchange.

So rather than squeezing into something that doesn't offer you the coverage or support you need, know that you can now feel sexier (and safer) in a swimsuit that mirrors your cup size and is the perfect fit for your body. Lilly & Lime's speciality, bra-sized swimwear finally makes those weekend beach trips enjoyable.

Shop seven of our favourite Lilly & Lime designs, and then have fun jumping into the ocean with confidence.

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