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Stuck in a hair-color rut? Thinking of trying a fresh shade on for size? Here are some great reasons to treat your locks to an exciting new hue.


  • Transform your image. New hair color lets you explore an alter ego, whether you’re looking for a dramatic change or just want to rev up your current hue. Always wanted to go platinum blond? Longing for fiery auburn locks? Think you should have been born a brunette? Now’s the time to try your dream shade.
  • Look 10 years younger. A hot new hair color can banish gray and take years off your looks. Make sure to pick a product that’s specifically formulated to cover gray. Superior Preference® offers fade-defying color that covers gray beautifully.
  • Update your style. You may keep an eye out for the latest fashion trends, but no stylish wardrobe is complete without the ultimate accessory — gorgeous hair color that flatters your looks and expresses your personality.
  • Go for the gloss. Nothing restores shine to lackluster locks like fresh hair color. Regularly coloring smooths hair’s surface, keeping it glossy, healthy looking, and vibrant.
  • Unleash your inner diva. Why settle for mousy, plain, or understated when you can be bold, vibrant, and outrageously stunning? Express your spotlight-stealing side with shades like luminous blond, rich brunette, radiant red, or warm cinnamon.

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