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Who Should Win Australia's Next Top Model: Kelsey, Amanda or Sophie?

Australia's Next Top Model: And Then There Were Three!

Well, let me just start by asking CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? This week's episode of Australia's Next Top Model was enough to throw the whole country into mayhem. Forget the world's problems, it's all about Kelsey, Amanda and Sophie. It seems the high calibre of contestants in this year's series was even enough to stump the judges, leaving the fate of the top three girls in our hot little hands. That's right, there are THREE finalists and WE have the power to decide who wins. Ridic much? By now you probably have a clear favourite, but the judges are urging you to vote for the right model and not personality! With that advice in mind, I've compiled a list of the pros and cons for each remaining girl so you can finally decide who Australia's Next Top Model really should be!

Kelsey Martinovich
Pros: Cute as a button, has an innate sense of style and nails every photo shoot.
Cons: The little cutie is only 172cms tall, leaving clothing samples swamping her petite frame.
Vote: SMS Kelsey to 1999 FOX8 to win!

Amanda Ware
Pros: Her body is insane, her face is picture perfect and her personality is fun yet professional.
Cons: Despite her classic beauty, Amanda can appear wooden and stiff in pictures.
Vote: SMS Amanda to 1999 FOX8 to win!

Sophie Van Den Akker
Pros: Girlfriend can make a short 'do look sexy and takes constructive criticism like a true pro.
Cons: Her nickname is Barbie — nuff said?
Vote: SMS Sophie to 1999 FOX8 to win!

Who will YOU be voting for?

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