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Wicker Basket Bags Trend 2017

How the Picnic Basket Became Fashion's Must-Have Bag

You may have scrolled through your feed lately and thought, is there like a Fashion Week happening over a picnic somewhere? No, the fashion world isn't meeting for lunch in the park, but they're definitely dressing like it. Swapping trusty leather bags for raffia and wicker, bloggers and fashion insiders are embracing one of fashion's biggest handbag trends, though it's actually been around for a while.

You can trace the look back to Jane Birkin, whose iconic look included a chic wicker basket that she paired with everything from her famous flares to chic day dresses. Sure enough, the look now is a nod to that Parisian cool. So, don't overthink it. Read on to see how the trend's being reincarnated by the fashion crowd, then shop your own wicker bag to wear with anything you want.

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