Visible Undies, Sheer and 4 Other Fashion Trends All Over AFW ’24

afw fashion trends 2024
Third Form

Sheer, lace body suits and visible undies were a few of the biggest trends we saw in the Resort ’25 collections at Australian Fashion Week (AFW) 2024. Held at Carriageworks and off-site venues around Sydney, which this year included Machine Hall, Sydney Aquarium and Vaucluse House, the shows give us a look at what styles we’ll be seeing everywhere in the coming months.

From the 21 shows I attended throughout the week, there were a handful of trends I saw again and again. Though they may’ve been styled differently, with the designer putting their spin on them, they were at their core, the same look. I’m sharing them all here.  

Sheer Everything

Sheer was in nearly all the 21 shows I saw, in the form of skirts, dresses, tops and pants — it was everywhere. P.E Nation had sheer skirts in thin mesh in pastel and nude colours. Albus Lumen had a sheer, tiered dress with an oversized tee over top to make the look super wearable. Beare Park featured sheer skirts, paired with knits in the same shade.

Third Form showed sheer white leggings under a fitted dress. The trend was also at Madre Natura, which showed its collection from last year, announcing it wouldn’t release new clothes until the old had been sold.

Image: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for AFW, Beare Park

Visible Underwear

Visible underwear was another big trend at AFW ’24, with panties peeking through high slit-dresses at Michael Lo Sordo and Third Form, and with a bra and undies print on a dress and an underwear print on a skirt at Karla Spetic. The trend has also been spotted at Miu Miu and Gucci Fall/Winter 2023 runways, reports L’Officiel, with models showing the top trimming of their underwear visible above their waistband.

Image: Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images for AFW, Karla Spetic

Puffy Sleeve Scandi Blouses

Tie-front or button-up blouses with puffy sleeves, and often collars, were all big in Scandi fashion this past winter, and AFW ’24 runways showed they’ll likely soon be as popular here. The blouses were spotted at Blanca, with one look pairing it with black lace pants, and at Verner, with a red peplum blouse with puffy sleeves worn with pink above-the-knee shorts.   

Image: Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images for AFW, Blanca
Image: Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images for AFW, Verner

High Slit Dresses

Another big trend was dresses with high slits. At Michael Lo Sordo, a model wore a floor-length, silk gown with a side slit starting well above her waist and her undies peeking through. Third Form also had a look with a silk dress and undies peeking through a high slit. And Bec and Bridge showed the trend in a black dress with a front side slit.

Image: Getty Images for AFW, Third Form

Lace Bodysuits

Lace bodysuits were another fashion trend. Karla Spetic had lace, full-length bodysuits in red, blue and black. Blanca featured a leotard one-piece and other lace looks that included an orange lace dress with a leopard print, leather skirt over top and a look with the puffy-sleeved, Scandi-style blouse and lace trousers. Lace was also at Michael Lo Sordo in strapless and thin-strapped dresses.

Image: Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images for AFW, Karla Spetic
Image: Blanca at AFW

Silver and Gold Metallics

Gold and silver metallics also featured heavily on AFW ’24 runways. Silver metallics were weaved into many of Bec and Bridge’s looks, with trousers, a top and a grey button-up shirt with two bust cups in the colour. Rory William Docherty also weaved silver metallic throughout his show. And Blanca had gold metallic trench coats.

Image: Hanna Lassen/WireImage, Rory William Docherty
Image: Blanca

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