Alexander Wang Faces Sexual Allegations as Stories of Abuse Spread Across the Internet

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Fashion designer Alexander Wang, 37, has been accused of sexual misconduct on many different accounts, starting with a post that documents stories from anonymous sources on Shit Model Management, an Instagram that offers models a platform to come forward about issues in the industry.

“Instead of letting these occurrences be swept under the rug, it is time to do something about this. Please unfollow @alexwangny & @alexanderwangny to show your support to the victims. It is time to hold abusers in the fashion industry accountable. Male and trans models are often overlooked in the conversations of sexual assault in the modeling industry, but not today. We can’t let famous people get away with sexual assault just because they’re on a pedestal. They need to be held accountable just like every other abuser,” the post read, captioning off a series of screen shots from DMs that detail records of Alexander Wang’s sexual abuse and his alleged inclination to drug people at parties.

Shit Model Management first posted these stories after male model Owen Mooney described being groped by Wang at a New York City nightclub in 2017 on TikTok. Instagram account Diet Prada has also taken a stand, reminding followers that rapper and Alexander Wang muse Azealia Banks shared anonymous posts describing the designer as a sexual predator in 2019. These messages still circulate on the internet, although they’ve been deleted from the rapper’s page. Wang has become known for his Fashion Week afterparties, even designing clothing with slogans or phrases that represent his party ethic – his spring 2018 “Wangover” headbands may come to mind.

Many anonymous accusers have gotten more specific, describing events where they wake up in Wang’s bed after drinking molly water laced with MDMA or blacking out from consuming too much alcohol at a Wang-orchestrated afterparty. Many male models and trans models have described being taken advantage of, starting with Wang touching them inappropriately in a crowded space.

On Dec. 31, Wang issued an exclusive statement to The New York Times commenting on the allegations. “Over the last few days, I have been on the receiving end of baseless and grotesquely false accusations,” the designer said. “These claims have been wrongfully amplified by social media accounts infamous for posting defamatory material from undisclosed and/or anonymous sources with zero evidence or any fact-checking whatsoever . . . I never engaged in the atrocious behavior described and would never conduct myself in the manner that’s been alleged. I intend to get to the bottom of this and hold accountable whoever is responsible for originating these claims and viciously spreading them online.”

Model Alliance has stood up out of respect for Wang’s accusers, offering anyone who needs support a platform for filing formal complaints in the industry. “Let’s be clear: The fashion industry’s lack of transparency and accountability leaves all models vulnerable to abuse, regardless of their sex or gender identity,” the post reads. Aside from acknowledging these allegations against the popular designer, who feels like such a powerful force in fashion, we also encourage anyone who suffers trauma from sexual abuse to speak up – your voice is being heard and we stand with you – no one is exempt from being held accountable.

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