Allison Williams Is Still Taking Style Cues From Her Onscreen Rival, M3GAN

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Allison Williams served horror-movie haute couture during a stroll through New York City on Oct. 25. Following the viral success of director Gerard Johnstone’s “M3gan,” in which Williams plays the malevolent doll’s rival, fans have been taking style cues from the fashionable AI robot. In the film, M3GAN unleashes her vengeance on dozens of unsuspecting victims, and she does it all in patent-leather Mary Janes and a peplum silhouette. After months of filming, her chic sense of style appears to have rubbed off on Williams, and something about the preppy ensemble has us envisioning a whole collection of M3GAN-inspired outfits.

Putting a M3GAN-core twist on some of our favorite fall fashion trends, Williams stepped out in a Brunello Cucinelli Giacca double-breasted leather blazer, which retails for $8,400, layered over a white button-up shirt and a sequin necktie. She styled the brown leather blazer with a plaid miniskirt, sheer tights, and pointed-toe pumps in a rich chocolate shade. Even her manicure reflected the autumnal tones.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching the comedy-infused horror film, “M3GAN” closely follows the eponymous AI robot as she attempts to pick off the human race one by one. Even as she’s coaxing her next victim into the forest to meet their unfortunate end, the doll manages to keep her peplum coat and hand-polished shoes looking pristine. As a children’s plaything, she is lethal; but as a horror-movie fashion idol, M3GAN’s wardrobe is a lesson in the power of simplicity, which Williams has executed perfectly.

Falling heavily in line with the traditional prep and school-girl aesthetics, M3GAN-core is all about attention to detail. From an artful pair of tinted sunglasses to a set of leather driving gloves that beg the question “Can M3GAN drive?,” the AI doll’s wardrobe is stacked with luxe accessories. Like the carefully curated pieces that round out M3GAN’s costumes, Williams’s sleek heels and shimmering necktie feel purposeful in their styling and invoke the idea that – dangerous AI bot or not – a quality coat never goes out of style.

Admire Williams’s “M3GAN”-inspired ensemble from all angles ahead, and see more of our favorite “M3GAN-core” looks here.

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