Amanda Gorman's Inaugural Jewelry Was Gifted by Oprah, but That Bedazzled Face Mask Is All Her Own

Getty / Drew Angerer

To mark history as the youngest-ever inaugural poet, 22-year-old Amanda Gorman arrived at Capitol Hill to share her piece, “The Hill We Climb,” dressed in Prada. The look, consisting of a bright, yellow double-breasted coat, Saffiano pumps, and a cherry red satin headband, costs over a whopping $5K, though Gorman is deserving of all the luxury, designer fashion items in the world for the uplifting words she blessed our nation with. Painting a picture of a “country committed to all cultures, colors, characters, and conditions of man,” Gorman’s outfit represented vibrancy and diversity. It was loud – one of the loudest looks that could be singled out of the crowd – and helped her command attention for all to see.

Gorman was also lucky enough to receive a jewelry gift from Oprah ahead of Inauguration Day: her gold hoops and caged bird ring, which accessorized the look, along with Gorman’s own addition: a rhinestone-embellished face mask to match her headband. The face mask brought about a playful touch, perhaps to remind us all that it’s within our nation’s youth that the future lies, and they are very much here for a country that is moving in the right direction. Gorman did not just salute the American people who are free, but who are also “benevolent,” “bold,” and “fierce.” Her outfit was certainly the perfect accoutrement to her impactful poem.

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