The Biggest Trends We’re Seeing at Fashion Week 2022

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As the seasons change, so do the fashion styles and trends. If you’re already dreaming about those next sunny days at the beach, summer weddings and party dresses, then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

And with Afterpay Australian Fashion Week finally here (it’s hitting Sydney from Monday 9 May to Friday 13 May), we’re ready for the trends we’ll be seeing at Australia’s most fashionable event of the year.

The way that the fashion industry works — designing and releasing collections two seasons early — means that it can be summer all year round. Designers have been busy in the past few months, putting together their resort collections to show at AAFW 2022, getting us all excited for warmer months again.

Debuting at Fashion Week this year will be new spring and summer trends that will set the pace for the warm seasons of 2022/23 — and we are so ready. While we’re sure there’ll be plenty of colour and print, we’re hoping for some simple silhouettes, interesting cut-outs and sustainable materials too.

We’ve already noticed a few fashion trends pop up in the summer just gone, with a focus on Y2K design elements, pastel colours, platform sandals and cute pops of colour. But fashion week always brings surprise trends with it, as well as historic, trendsetting moments that bleed into Australian fashion post-fashion week.

We’re going to use this space to record all the trends we see throughout fashion week, both old and new, as they arise — so you can keep coming back for updates and stay on top of the most recent trends at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

Neon and Neutrals

Gary Bigeni’s comeback show was all about bright colours and neon mixed in with neutrals, like the gorgeous oversized vegan leather suit below.

Gary Bigeni, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Neon mixed with neutrals, with or without flowing silhouettes, give this effortless party vibe that can be super colourful, and versatile for every occasion.

Bondi Born, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Bondi Born’s AAFW Resort ’23 show encompassed colourful, effortless silhouettes, with pops of neon throughout.

Exaggerated Draping

Exaggerated draping exudes comfort and elegance, while also creating extremely flattering shapes. There’s just something so classy about draping, and it can make pieces extremely versatile, taking you from a day at the beach to a cocktail party, without needing to change in between.

Bondi Born, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

We saw exaggerated draping at Bianca Spender and Bondi Born’s AAFW Resort ’23 shows, where soft, light fabrics like silk and cotton adorned the runway, adding texture and creating soft ripples that mould to different bodies.

Bianca Spender, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Indigenous brand Ngali also featured some exaggerated draping moments, adding effortless elegance to busy prints.

Ngali Resort ’23 at the Indigenous Fashion Projects Runway. Photo: Getty


We knew that cut-outs were coming back, and to be honest, it was only a matter of time.

Gary Bigeni, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Cut-outs have a way of making an outfit go from simple to edgy, real fast. Whether it be a bodycon dress, like the one from Gary Bigeni above, or the neon crop from Bondi Born below, these classic pieces instantly become statement looks.

Bondi Born, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Aaizel’s Resort ’23 show featured lots of triangle shaped cut-outs, adding a badass edge to each piece. Purposefully placed to accentuate subtle sexiness, the cut-outs in Aaizel’s Resort ’23 collection made them pop on the runway.

Aaizel, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Bec + Bridge’s highly anticipated Resort ’23 collection, marking their 21st birthday as a brand, featured delicate cutouts in flowy silk silhouettes, like the piece below.

Bec +Bridge, Resort ’23, Image: Getty

The shape and style of these cut-outs elevate the look, taking it from classic to statement. You could layer this look with a mesh top underneath for a more casual look, or chuck on an oversized blazer to take it to nighttime.

Rumer Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

Classic cut-outs at Rumer‘s Resort ’23 show really complimented the A-line silhouettes, adding shape and curves that created an element of sexy to otherwise super minimal designs. These cut-outs would suit diverse body shapes too, which we love.


A sheer look has appeared on almost every runway so far at AAFW 2022, bringing a subtle sultriness to each collection. We’ve picked a few of our favourite transparent moments below.

St. Agni Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

This dress from St. Agni is pure class, draping beautifully down the body — and with a subtle sheerness, it’s a simple statement piece.

Gary Bigeni Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

This transparent glitter jumpsuit from Gary Bigeni is more of a statement, with the sheerness adding an element of sexy to this look that gives dimension and a carefree energy that is freeing to watch walk down the runway.

Bec + Bridge Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

This more formalwear look from Bec + Bridge is a transparent style we love because it’s super delicate and adds an edge to a dress that is quite feminine.

Rumer Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

This sheer floral shift from Rumer is so versatile for a sheer design — you could wear it over your bikini at the beach, or over a cute bralette set with heels for a night out.

Sass & Bide Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

We’re obsessed with this sheer formal moment from Sass & Bide. This could definitely be worn with something underneath and some outerwear to make it more casual, but it looks incredible as a sheer evening dress, too.

Y2k-Inspired Footwear

While Bondi Born’s Resort ’23 look is super effortless and classy, with a pop of youthful neon, the shoes were a statement in every look.

Bondi Born, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

The two main styles were nostalgic of Y2K style with a modern twist. Above, is their platform thong, which walked the runway in purple, black, green and blue, while below is their reimagined jelly sandal (that we’re totally obsessed with).

Bondi Born, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Kitten heels are officially back. Featuring heavily in Bec + Bridge’s Resort ’23 collection, where kitten heels in mules and strappy styles complemented the fusion of Y2K style with modern freshness.

Bec + Bridge, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Voluminous Shapes

Going hand-in-hand with the exaggerated draping, are voluminous shapes. Dresses cut with lots of fabric to give them a loose fit, as well as an overall big shape, have definitely been a breakout trend, so far, popping up in every show we saw on day one of AAFW.

Bianca Spender, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

At Bianca Spender, it was all about layering different fabrics, patterns and colours to create volume, while at Bondi Born, the focus was on simple lines and cuts, adding a more two-dimensional effect.

Bondi Born, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty


Silk is everywhere — and we’re not mad about it.

Gary Bigeni, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Silk can be a sustainable material, while also being divine to wear. It gives a look of effortless elegance, which is definitely looking like the vibe for Resort ’23 all around.

Bianca Spender, AAFW Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Whether it’s gathered, like the above dress from Bianca Spender, or hand-painted, like Gary Bigeni’s pieces, it looks simply stylish as well as comfortable.

Aaizel, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Aaizel had pops of silk, either as part of the garment or layered, as in the styling above. This oversized electric blue silk shirt layered underneath a structured suit top was a standout look from the show.

Native Swimwear Australia Resort ’23 at the Indigenous Fashion Projects Runway. Photo: Getty Images

Indigenous brand Native Swimwear Australia brought us simple but effective silk silhouettes, with bright colours that really stood out within the simple design.

Rumer Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

This beautifully simple silk dress from Rumer proves that less is certainly more. With a flattering, flowing silhouette and boat neckline, it is truly a showstopper.

Suits, Reimagined

This look from Aaizel repurposed a suit jacket into an asymmetrical pant, adding elements of the classic suit. Paired with a pin-stripe material, it’s reminiscent of the structured Vivien Westwood-style suit, with a modern twist of comfort and functionality.

Aaizel, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

This reimagined suit from Oroton gives relaxed femme vibes, with the three-dimensional floral crop, pastel lemon colour and oversized style. J’adore.

Oroton, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Sticking with the relaxed oversized style, this reimagined suit from Indigenous brand Kirrikin is fully printed with a pattern inspired by aboriginal art, and is a true showstopper. With beautiful tailoring and structured shoulders, paired with a relaxed high-waisted pant, it’s the perfect combination of sassy and cool.

Kirrikin Resort ’23 at the Indigenous Fashion Projects Runway. Photo: Getty

St. Agni is bringing us a more classic suit look, with this grey tailored, gender-neutral piece. We love its simplicity, exuding clean and classic vibes.

St. Agni Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

Sass & Bide Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

This is such a fun reimagined suit from Sass & Bide‘s Resort ’23, especially paired with these platform hot pink heels! We love the loose fit and sheer crop underneath. You could do it up and wear it to the office, or out for drinks with heels.

Structured Tops

Structured suit tops have featured in most runways, giving shape to an otherwise oversized silhouette. Most frequently paired with baggy-style pants, a long skirt and/or an oversized jacket, this style of top gives business vibes while still being relaxed.

Bec + Bridge, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Oversized Outerwear

This year is all about oversized outerwear. Contrasting beautifully with the low-rise and structured top trend, oversized jackets, cardigans and shirts give the look of comfort that we’re loving to see right now.

Bec + Bridge Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Bec + Bridge featured quite a few oversized blazers, like the one above, often paired with a crop or structured shirt underneath.

Bondi Born, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

Bondi Born also featured a few oversized blazers and shirts, worn over fuller skirts, giving a more voluminous look, overall.

Oroton, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

This oversized cardigan at the Oroton Resort ’23 show looks seriously comfy, while remaining classy and giving relaxed leisurewear vibes.

Kirrikin Resort ’23 at the Indigenous Fashion Projects Runway. Photo: Getty

Kirrikin brought a more relaxed style of oversized outerwear to the runway, with this kimono-style lightweight jacket, that compliments the simple top and pants with some texture and a print.

Asymmetrical Shapes

Asymmetry is really having a moment at AAFW ’22.

Aaizel, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

This repurposed jacket mini skirt from Aaizel is giving asymmetrical shapes, with different lengths and textures.

Bec + Bridge, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

This fold-down belt moment from Bec + Bridge gives subtle asymmetry, adding layers to an outfit seamlessly.


Low-rise is back and, although that might be controversial for some, there are definitely ways to style low-rise bottoms that can work for everyone.

Aaizel, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

These low-rise pants from Aaizel aim for comfort, style, and versatility, giving a more business chic vibe. While the cargo-style, white low rise from Bec + Bridge (below), gives more casual party babe energy.

Bec + Bridge, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

While both low-rise pants are styled with crops, they could easily be paired with an oversized shirt or jacket, to suit different body shapes.

St. Agni Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

This low-rise skirt look from St. Agni was one of many low-rise styles they showed, but it was really refreshing to see it on a curve model. This look and style is a very modern cool girl take on the Y2K “it” girl, and we love the refined minimalism.

Pops of Green

Green is everywhere at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022, not only in the street style looks but also on the runway.

Aaizel, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

This Aaizel jumpsuit features gorgeous green silk, which adds depth and softness to the piece.

Oroton, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

We love an Oroton bag, and this emerald green truly pops with every outfit. Pairing this green with neutral tones is a beautiful way to add a pop of colour to any outfit or colour palette.

Oroton, Resort ’23. Photo: Getty

This is more of an all-green moment from Oroton, going with a slightly brighter ’70s-inspired green, that feels like it’s becoming the colour of Spring/Summer 2023.

Wynn Hamlyn Resort ’23 | Photo: Getty

This Wynn Hamlyn knit dress is the 2023 shade of green and it’s such a winner. Not only does the colour catch the eye, but this design is super cool and edgy, while also being versatile and functional. Imagine this with a hot pink heel, or some platform Y2K-inspired shoes. We live!

Mariam Seddiq AAFW ’22 | Photo: Getty

This Mariam Seddiq look is totally brought to life by the pop of green shoes and matching gloves.

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