The Best Australian Jewellery Brands You Need to Know About

Bonito Jewellery

Jewellery does wonders to complete a look and elevate an outfit from loungewear to luxurious, but it’s also a tool for self-expression and a means for displaying the permanence of a happy memory on your person. 

Moving beyond merely an engagement ring, which serves as a mark of love and commitment, heirlooms remind the wearer of their family’s history. Similarly, gifts from loved ones embellish our fingers and lobes and evoke feelings of fondness every time they’re caught by a glimpse in a mirror or shop window. 

All of this is to say that jewellery is meaningful, as is supporting local jewellery designers in our purchases, and thankfully, Australia has no shortage of incredible jewellery designers making memorable pieces to be worn for a lifetime. 

Whether hand-crafted in local studios or designed on Aussie soil, the collections produced by our home-grown talent end up on the fingers, wrists and décolletage of wearers all around the world. And it’s no wonder.

Here is our comprehensive guide to Australia’s best jewellery brands:

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