The Best No-VPL Underwear to Help You Wear This Year’s Boldest Fashion Trends


Visible panty lines (more commonly known known as the dreaded “VPL”) is something that many of us have tried hard, but may have failed, to avoid over the years. While it seems unfathomable that in 20223, wearing underwear is still supposed to be a best-kept secret, there are an increasing number of summer fashion trends cropping up that do make a hidden panty line more desirable than ever before.

This year in particular, we’re seeing a rise in cut-out dresses, fitted flares, and sheer trousers, and a pair of seamless pants can really elevate one of these sexy fashion trends. And now that we’re busy planning all of our celebrity-inspired festival looks this summer, we’ve got to be properly prepared for what to wear underneath.

For some people, going commando is the obvious choice, but it’s not something that all of us are comfortable with, especially when it comes to managing periods, so what are our options? Well, we’ve done some research and rounded up our tried and tested favourites from a number of different brands, so all you have to do is take your pick.

Read on to learn more about some of the best no VPL pants in the biz.

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