12 of the Most Beautiful Birthday Jewellery to Wear and Give

Michael Hill
Avant Studio / Fairley

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Birthstone jewellery can add a personal touch to your accessories stack or show your friend how much you appreciate them. Each precious gem or stone was picked for a corresponding month of the year, with each having a significant meaning.

One of our favourite brands, Bonito Jewellery, has a whole collection of necklaces dedicated to making your birthstone shine. The Birthstone Necklace ($145) makes a subtle statement and features a small gemstone embedded into gold vermeil. You can grab one right now just before Gemini season comes to a close on June 21.

Bonito jewellery Birthstone necklace
Bonito Jewellery The Birthstone Necklace ($145)

Ahead, we’ve found pulled together other gorgeous birthstone jewellery options for yourself or your zodiac-loving friend.


Birthstone: Garnet

Avant Studio January Birthstone Studio - Birthstone Necklace
Avant Studio January Birthstone Necklace ($159)

The garnet gemstone symbolises friendship and is closely linked to the heart and life force. So this, deep red garnet necklace from Avant Studio ($159) can show them how much you care. Or indulge in a bit of self-love and get this for yourself.


Birthstone: Amethyst

Amethyst Cocktail Ring - Birthstone Ring
Fairley Amethyst Cocktail Ring ($339)

This Amethyst Cocktail Ring ($339) from Fairley screams “I’m a February baby!”. You can channel big Aquarius or Pisces energy with this statement birthstone that symbolises tranquillity and calmness.


Birthstone: Aquamarine

Mejuri Layered Aquamarine Necklace - March Birthday Necklace
Mejuri Layered Aquamarine Necklace ($198)

Aquamarine is a pale blue stone with a touch of green and is said to be the treasure of mermaids. And the lore says that is it for peacefulness and protection. So, grab a Layered Aquamarine Necklace ($198) from Mejuri for you or your risk-it-all type friend. You know… for extra safety.


Birthstone: Diamond

Elli jewellery rhombus elegant with diamond - January Birthday Necklace
Elli Jewellery Rhombus Elegant Earrings ($209)

April is the month for diamonds and these are easier to find than other precious stoned jewellery. So, we’ve picked out this unique pair of Rhombus Elegant Earrings ($209) from Elli to add to your trinket tray.


Birthstone: Emerald

Haze and Glory Emerald Moment Ring - Birthstone Jewellery
Haze & Glory Emerald Moment Ring ($549)

Emerald is a deep green gem that represents truth, hope and compassion. If you’re the friend that everyone runs to for advice, this Emerald Moment Ring ($549) from Haze & Glory is for you.


Birthstone: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone

Bonito Jewellery Birthstone Neckalce - Birthstone Jewellery
Bonito Jewellery The Birthstone Necklace ($145)

You can get The Birthstone Necklace ($145) embedded with the birthstone for June — Pearl. It signifies wisdom and inner strength.


Birthstone: Ruby

Fairley Jewellery Ruby Crystal Baguette Huggie- Birthstone Jewellery
Fairley Crystal Baugette Huggies ($99)

Passion, power, wealth and success are all symbolised by the birthstone of July — Ruby. These Crystal Baguette Huggies ($99) are available in a few different colours and are an easy way to add a delicate pop of colour to your look.


Birthstone: Peridot, spinel and sardonyx

Arms of Eve Vienna Gemstone Necklace - Birthstone Jewellery
Arms of Eve Vienna Gemstone Necklace ($99)

The brilliant lemony green is an earmark of the peridot gemstone. And it is a representation of harmony, good health and peace. This Vienna Gemstone Necklace ($99) can be a good base for a necklace stack. Layer it with a longer gold chain and another piece with a pendant.


Birthstone: Blue Sapphire

Arms of Eve Suki Gold Cuff Bracelet - Birthstone Jewellery
Arms of Eve Suki Cuff Bracelet ($130)

Arms of Eve’s Suki Cuff Bracelet ($130) is encrusted with blue-tinted cubic zircona to look like sapphire. Add it an all-black outfit for a symbol of royalty and wisdom.


Birthstone: Tourmaline and opal

By Charlotte Gold Cosmic Tourmaline Ring - Birthstone Jewellery
By Charlotte Gold Cosmic Tourmaline Ring ($149)

By Charlotte is known for its beautiful range of everyday and statement jewellery. The Gold Cosmic Tourmaline Ring ($149) is no exception. A pink tourmaline gem represents love, kindness and empathy.


Birthstone: Topaz and Citrine

Avant Studio Holly Hoops
Avant Studio Holly Hoops ($169)

Although November has two different birthstones, citrine jewellery is easier to find. Case in point, these darling Holly Hoops ($169) from Avant Studio.


Birthstone: Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon

Michael Hill Bracelet with tanzanite
Michael Hill Bracelet with Tanzanite ($249)

This stunning bracelet with embedded tanzanite ($249) is a lovely gift for a December baby. It symbolises transformation and enlightenment, just in time for the end of the year.

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