The Unitard Every It-Girl Is Wearing in NYC Right Now


When it comes to putting together a layered outfit, the ultimate goal is for it to look chic and be comfortable, and according to POPSUGAR Australia’s Publisher Amanda Bardas, the gals in NYC are achieving this with unitards.

“I’ve spent the last week in LA and NYC for work, and I’ve had a bit of spare time, so I’ve spent my days wandering with no real destination in mind,” Bardas says.

“One of the things I love most about travelling is exploring and observing what stylish women are wearing in other countries, and there’s one trend I keep seeing: the unitard. From LA to NYC — it’s everywhere.”

A unitard is a tight-fitting one-piece that covers the body from the torso to the knees or ankles. While bike shorts have been gaining traction — with fashion babes like Hailey Bieber recreating Princess Diana‘s famous athleisurewear looks — the unitard takes it that one step further.

“Women are wearing unitards with a linen shirt thrown over the top (one cool styling hack I saw was to button it up with only one button behind you, so it wears a bit like a cape), or I’ve seen them with a jumper tied around the waist,” Bardas says.

“And they’re always worn with a pair of chunky sandals or sneakers. I’m finding the nearest Alo Yoga ASAP, so I can buy one myself to wear back in Sydney.”

Perfect for the upcoming warmer months or if you’re just about to head on a holiday to somewhere warmer, a unitard now seems worth investing in.

Below, we’ve compiled four of our favourite unitards, as well as some chunky sandals and oversized shirt options you can layer them with.

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